Caffeinated Markup Lanaguage

A markdown type language and processor designed for rich blog postings and other documents

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Caffeinated Markup Language

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Current Version 0.12

The Caffeinated Markup Langauge is an attempt to create a simple yet rich markup language. It was originally created for blog postings on the Caffeinated Panda Creations website

Although originally designed to translate to HTML, it has been structured such that it is as agnostic as possible to its output format.

See the wiki for work in progress spec: Caffeinated Markup Wiki


For purposes of example, the output format is HTML and carriage returns are arbitrary for readability.


A **wise** --man-- person once said, ""The quick brown //foo// jumps over the
lazy //bar//|A.N.Other""


<p>A <strong>wise</strong> <del>man</del> person once said,</p>
<blockquote>The quick brown <em>foo</em> jumps over the lazy <em>bar</em>

Which might look like:

A wise man person once said,

The quick brown foo jumps over the lazy bar A.N.Other